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    @alreetlike Hi Jill, a member of our support team replied to your ticket earlier this morning. Please see this for an update. Thanks

    22nd February @ 08:37
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    @GM7PBB Hi John, a member of our support team will be in touch via your ticket as soon as they are able. Thanks

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March 2013 take the National Mental Health System Usability Test here

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Feb 2011
Two cheers for RiO?
Newcastle RiO usability survey results,


This is the place on the internet for anyone who uses health software to have their say and see which software users find to be the best. We provide completeley independent and impartial advice to both NHS organisations and the software industry but are funded by neither. If you appreciate what we do then please support us

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About us

This site is born out of the frustration of ordinary NHS clinicians working with health software. Sales demonstrations are always impressive, the reallity often less so. We aim to make choosing clinical software less of a lottery by impartially reviewing the products available using our own panel of experts and through surveys of users experiences. As NHS staff, we understand your need to remain anonymous so that you can be honest about software. We guarantee your anonymity.


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